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Michigan Melters - About Us



Michigan Melters - About Us


A true innovator by history, racing legend, EJ Potter (a.k.a. the “Michigan Madman”) is the original founder of the company and chief engineer of the Michigan Melters product.


EJ holds many drag racing and tractor pulling records. Here are some of his highlighted accomplishments.


·         1960-built the first chevy v-8 drag bike; went 130 m.p.h.

·         1961-went 147 m.p.h. in ¼ mile with the bike.

·         1963-built a 1957 Plymouth with a v-12 Allison aircraft engine; went 147 m.p.h. in ¼ mile.

·         1964- built a 1964 Dodge Dart with a v-12 Allison aircraft engine; went 152 m.p.h. in ¼ mile.

·         1966-went to England with v-8 bike; crashed on 13th run.

·         1967-built electric car; went 120 in ¼ mile.

·         1968-set AHRA bike record at 167.04 m.p.h. in Phoenix.

·         1970-made Guinness world record book with an E.T. of 8.68 on the v-8 bike in Australia.

·         1971-built 1200 horse power jet cycle; crashed when parachute failed; sold it to Evel Kneivel.

·         1975-won the 7,000 lb. Indy Super Pull class with Allison v-12 pulling tractor.

·         1976- repeat win at the Indy Super Pull.

·         1981-won California world championship tractor pull with 24 cylinder tractor.

·         1982-repeated as world champion in California.

·         1992-inducted into the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame


All of these record -holding machines were built by E.J. Potter himself on his Michigan farm; in his spare time, E.J. kept himself busy with his love of physics, engineering and machine development. Thus was born the snowmelter machine for a friend with airplanes, who wanted a way to melt the snow at his own airport.

Additional mechanical ingenuity comes from staff of other highly technical backgrounds. These include two major automotive engineering facilities, agricultural and aerospace fabrication and precision machining. All the products that we develop are of top-notch fabrication, design and craftsmanship with critical attention to detail….(our Q.C. guys won’t have it any other way!)

Michigan Melters is a division of Hilljack Industries LLC, a small business, owned and operated by E.J.’s family. Our goal is to remain more affordable than the others, and our priorities are to produce the highest quality and efficient American-made equipment. We believe in excellent customer care!