Dont just move it.
Melt it!



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Michigan Melters can build a custom sized snow melting machine to your specs; or you may choose from our standard models: 606 diesel tandem or tandem lite, 650 or 707 machine, which is capable of 30 tons per hour melting capacity. Our smaller models can be easily towed behind a heavy-duty pickup truck, allowing them the most maneuverability, for tight spaces, like parking garages and so on. Larger machines can be built to suit customer needs.


Our snow melters are completely portable and can be leveled in minutes and ready for melting added snow. Diesel powered generators can be installed instead of those that are gasoline powered, if preferred, on smaller models.

Basic rules of physics are used in determining the fuel flow of the melting process. It’s based on the volume of snow that’s dumped into the hopper and will work out to roughly two gallons of fuel per ton of “dry” snow melted; plus the correction for the efficiency of the machine under normal conditions. Heavy wet snow and ice will melt at a reduced rate. Delivery of snow at a reduced rate will cause the temperature of the water bath to rise and melting rate will increase. The process is based on these variables.


Vibration is almost nonexistent and start-up is accomplished in moments from virtually any temperature you will encounter. We fire the melting system with industrial burners using heating oil. These burners are easy to operate and can be serviced by any heating technician.


Why melt the snow? Well, several reasons…

The very large and unsightly piles of snow that use up parking space can be a problem…not only for the inconvenience of extra time to take parking, but also for safety. It’s often hard for drivers to see around the piles, possibly causing accidents. When the snow is melted on location (instead of piled up) it makes for a much nicer appearance to customers (and a safer environment) adding an advantage to any business situation.


It is becoming more difficult to find snow dumping sites in heavily populated areas (and can, in many cases, be quite costly); when it is melted and sent down a drainage area, it’s like nature –only faster!


Melting the snow right on site is about 1/2 the cost of hauling it, making this method very budget-friendly. In comparison, it is far cheaper to melt snow on location than to employ a string of dumptrucks and drivers with all the problems involved in off-site disposal (including, absenteeism and related maintenance issues). Also, the environmental impacts are negligible compared to any other disposal method!  


We have leasing available. A limited three-year warranty is applicable in the continental United States. We can provide a service option for the machine after the warranty has expired, if necessary.

For more information on how we can help you get into a top quality MICHIGAN MELTERS snow melting machine that will fit your individual needs, call us at (517) 304-1815 and talk to Dave.

Commercial Snow Melters are ideal for:

  • Parking Lots
  • Shopping Centers
  • Parking Garages
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities